Italian correspondent: Claudia



Born up in the really North, in my veins flows blood from the extremely southern part of Italy, that’s probably why I love to mix stuff.

I’m interested in different cultures, I love to mix spices and combine regional ingredients with others, that comes from the far aside of the world. I am obsessed with culinary tools and every kind of utensil that could improve my cooking skills and same as Silvia (the padovana one) I go insane in front of a kitchen store, not to mention the local markets. Talking about Silvia, this collaboration officially starts in June 2013, when I went to visit her in Brussels.

We are good friends, we studied together at university, and what we share the love for food. We love to eat, cook, talk about it (of course, we are Italians!), try new flavors, invent new recipes, and we both love to take pictures.
That’s why after a weekend of drinking, eating, laughing, eating and drinking again, we decided to start this new project: I’ll be the italian correspondent of this two amazing Italian migrants settled in Brussels (sounds confusing right? eheh).
I’ll often write about regional food, I’ll share with you recipes from different regions of Italy, often mixed with my personal love for different cultures.
I hope you’ll love it!

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