Silvia S. .. Padovana of birth I left my heart in Bologna and Paris and there are good chances of this happening again, also in Brussels. On the threshold of-enta, just got into thirty with 5 kg 3 kg (Yhuppiii) more! Scorpio stubborn but not impulsive. Silent, awkward, romantic and sentimental to the end. Travelling a lot all over the world I had the possibility to know amazing people from which I “stole” many incredible recipes. I have a nephew, a boyfriend, a dog, a roommate and a precarious job. I do not wake up without a good breakfast, I prefer tea to coffee and wine to beer (a problem living in Brussels, the capital of beer). Allergic to garlic and onion, leek and shallot. I become crazy in front of a kitchen store, not to mention the local markets .. I lose every free second to comb through recipes here and there in books and blogs readjusting old recipes and discovering new ones. Without doubt I think that a good dinner with the right people wins on a disco party! I share the dream of many to open a nice B&B somewhere warm, but at the time I keep it in the drawer and I live the present starting from this blog!


Silvia C., a typical character from southern Italian lands, emigrated to Perugia for studying International Relations and finally landed to Brussels looking for (vain)glory. As cliches about Italian people follow them especially abroad, I crossed Belgian borders with two suitcases filled with woolen jumpers and 20 litres of extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano and Cherry tomatoes from grandpa’s farm. For the records, God bless clichès and Grandpa’s cherry tomatoes! My childhood memories smell like roasted peppers, grandma’s focaccia and glazed cookies, with a taste of those sweet wine that we used to produce at the beginning of September.

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