News number 1!

We promised you big news for this 2015 so..let’s start with the first!



Yes, Silvia&Silvia official “chef de cuisine”  for an entire evening thanks to Open Kitchen and the event Restaurant day, and of course thank to our great super friend Berta :)

Restaurant Day is a food carnival created by thousands of people organizing and visiting one-day restaurants worldwide. The idea of the day is to have fun, share new food experiences and enjoy our common living environments together.

Do you want to participate? Registrations are open:

Very soon the first recipes!

Welcome back to us!!!

welcome back

We thought many times to stat again writing on this blog. The desire was there but the time not at all and doing something beautiful when you are in a hurry loses its meaning and becomes just another of the 1000 daily activities for which we should be stressed. This is why we waiting and we left the blog in standby.

This 2014 was an important year for us, full of (good and bad) news and changes: job, home, boyfriend, haircut, roommates, identity card, colleagues…These are just some of the many things that have changed for us since beginning 2014 and as you can imagine this means addressing very complicated and challenging periods that have prevented us to dedicate ourselves to our common passion.

But now we are back, more motivated than ever, full of energy and ready to start again this adventure with all of you. We have already great news for the next future so…

Stay tuned and spread the word: Silvia and Silvia are back :)